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Our shops offer a wide variety of ingredient to make up your spod and groundbait mix.

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Buying from us will keep your cost down.

Pigeon conditioner known as trapping and condition mix 20kg bag

Horsehage molasses  5ltr is a good enhancer.

Our Pig and Sheep pellets also contain additives which attract most fish species; these are just added directly to the mix.

Vitalin dog food is also a cheap baiting ingredient 15kg.




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ecosyl 100

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The first choice in early lactation and for the higher-yielding herds.



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...for all your horse & pet feed requirements


• Own Brand and Autarky Gluten-free Herbal Dog Food 15kg


• Tinned & Dried Dog or Cat Food


• Large Variety of Wild Bird Food & Accessories including Suet Products


• Frontline & other Flea Products Plus Dog and Cat Wormers


• Small Animal Feed & Bedding Products Including: Shavings, Bed Rap, Aubiose etc


• Bales and Small Bags of Hay


• Fishing Pellets for Trout and Coarse Fish


• Also Hemp & Aniseed Mixes


Free Delivery within 5 miles on orders over £85 on Food and Bedding


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