For all your animal requirements

For all your pet feed requirements



Dog & puppy food

Gluten free, herbal , canned and dry mix


Including our own brand, Beta, Bakers, James Wellbeloved


Cat & Kitten food

Canned and dry mix



Small Pets

Pigeon and cage bird feed

Rabbit feed , guinea-pig feed

Fish food

Rat food, Gerbil food, Hamster food



Small packs of hay






Novalay Pellets

Novalay Mash

Poultry Corn

Chick crumb




Avaliable in sizes 5kg-25kg

Selection of feeders and drinkers

Ex-battery hen products

Orangic range


Fresh every week

Fresh local free range eggs

Local grown potatoes (Greys) 25KG 

Horse and pony Carrots


Special Qualified Person (SQP)

for selling of wormers

Equine and companion animals (dogs and cats)

Plus a range of frontline products


All types of horse products

Large Equine selection for supplements and equne husbandry

all about the care and maintenance needed to keep your horse safe, healthy and in top class condition.

We even sell Hunters Wellingtons


Wildbird food

large selection of wildbird foods and feeders

These include:


Range of sunflower hearts

Fat balls


Fishing bait

Trout and Corse fishing pellets


 We also stock Coal, Kindling, Net of Logs, and as featured on 'Countryfile' Bracken Brackettes


Gardening products

Hydrosoft salt

Grooming, Blade sharpening

Mouse traps

Mole traps

Wire netting

Electric fencing

Work Boots


(All cow mills products come in a range of bag size including 25kg)


































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ecosyl 100

Special Offer


The first choice in early lactation and for the higher-yielding herds.



Quality Makes A Difference

...for all your horse & pet feed requirements


• Own Brand and Autarky Gluten-free Herbal Dog Food 15kg


• Tinned & Dried Dog or Cat Food


• Large Variety of Wild Bird Food & Accessories including Suet Products


• Frontline & other Flea Products Plus Dog and Cat Wormers


• Small Animal Feed & Bedding Products Including: Shavings, Bed Rap, Aubiose etc


• Bales and Small Bags of Hay


• Fishing Pellets for Trout and Coarse Fish


• Also Hemp & Aniseed Mixes


Free Delivery within 5 miles on orders over £85 on Food and Bedding


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